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About pebble and ore

Pebble and ore is all handmade by me, Lisa Hamilton. I started on Etsy in 2008 under the name beadsoul. I have since moved towards more metalwork and love rocks, hence the new name.

From a young age, I have had a love of all things crafty; my Mom was always trying new things and it was so fun to see what class or medium she would attempt next. There was a potter's wheel, lovely yarns for knitting and crocheting and pretty paints; however, none of these things spoke to me. 

When my  three children were small, I dabbled in fabric painting (sorry kids!) card making and so many things I cannot even remember. The handmade Halloween costumes, holiday wreaths and things were fun, but not wholly satisfying and I would quickly become bored.

It wasn't until 2004 that I got bitten with the jewelry bug. I saw one of the leading beading mags and decided I was going to make the piece on the cover. I am glad that nobody told me how difficult that design was; maybe I would have quit before I started!

When I receive an order, I am honored that someone might think my pieces are something they would want to wear or to give as a gift. I hope that the love and care that I pour into each item is well-received.